5 Songs to Keep You Hopefully Conscious Throughout the Political Turmoil

February 11, 2017

Sometimes you just need a break from the negativity. Sometimes you want to keep conscious, but through a lens of hope, not despair.


Today’s heavy political climate has infiltrated just about every department of our lives. A seemingly “hopeless” rhetoric has been spreading like wildfire. If it’s not on your newsfeed, it’s on your radio, if it’s not on your radio, it’s on your TV, and well, if it’s not on your TV, then it is definitely on the streets, adding more traffic to your commute.


The topic of race relations has become so sensitive that many are afraid to voice their opinions in the work place, while others can’t seem to avoid a daily dinner debate before bed.


Now, it’s one thing to be passionate about your viewpoints, that is a privilege that we should indeed celebrate as Americans. And certainly, with the critical changes that continue to unfold, there is plenty to discuss. However, it is another thing when the undertone of every conversation leads to a negativity that evolves into bitterness.


So, instead of dwelling on the disappointments and looking for which Facebook friends to delete, channel your frustrations through optimistic music!


Below I’ve curated a list of five songs with pleasant frequencies. These delightful rhythms and lyrics will keep you conscious, but also full of hope!


Because that’s what our ears need, hope =)


Saint James – Pyramid King

Saint James emits tolerance through their very existence. The interethnic songwriting duo fuses funky jazz with electronic layers to bring to life the saying: “good vibes only.” Pyramid King inspires you to break out of your bubble, defy conformity, and create something worthwhile with our short time here on this earth.

Lil Durk ft. James Fauntelroy & Talib Kweli – Eyes

This song is a hidden gem in the hiphop realm. Social justice initiative, “We Can Do This Together” executed the creative collaboration, produced by 1500 or Nothin’. Eyes humanizes the other, allowing listeners from all backgrounds to empathize with the supposed “opponent” and feel what it might be like on the other side.


Helly Luv – Revolution

A Kurdish refugee who never let the literal barriers of war inhibit her voice, Helly Luv battles the epidemic of division through her craft. Revolution is more than an anthem for peace, it is a plea for humanity, a plea to look past religious and ethnic differences, and unite under the cause of survival. (Warning: this song may motivate you to hit the streets and march!)


Stacy Barthe ft. Common – Live for Today

It’s a crazy world, but living in fear will accomplish nothing. A declaration regarding the power of the present, Barthe and Common take your soul on a journey with this one. With nostalgic sampling and smooth vocals, the song’s call to carpe diem will stay with you all diem.


Alvaro Soler – El Mismo Sol

Soler’s first hit single, El Mismo Sol initially garnered much success in Europe in 2015. However, after an English version dropped featuring Jennifer Lopez, and with the ongoing state of affairs, this song couldn’t be more necessary today, especially in the United States. El Mismo Sol reminds listeners that the entire world is sharing the same, and only sun. A simple, yet powerfully relevant message.