Artist Captures Raw Emotions As Commemoration of Yazidi Genocide Unfolds

It has officially been four years since ISIS targeted the Yazidi people in the city of Mount Sinjar, (in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq). The attack ultimately led to the torturing and killing of thousands of Iraq’s minorities, with many continuing to suffer in captivity. As the genocide anniversary is recognized around the world, […]

The Royal Wedding: What It REALLY means

For the first time in the history of the British royal family, an American individual of mixed ancestry has married a senior member of the monarchical  household. You may have heard of her. Her name is Meghan Markle. She is half black, half white. A United States citizen. A descendant of Georgian slaves. She is […]

When Girls Become Women Before Their Time

As we recognize the admirable journeys of diverse female leaders around the world, and conclude the celebration of Women’s History Month, we are quick to assume that this concept of the “ideal woman” includes a wholesome life. From infancy, toddler, pre-teen, teen, and into adulthood, every stage of growth determines the very outcome of a […]

Why Everyone Should Truly Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It is for some the most dreaded, yet for others the most anticipated holiday of the year. The time where singles feel obligated to reflect on their irresponsible romantic decisions, and a time where couples feel the commercialized stress to impress their partners. Valentine’s Day.   It seems society has forced us into choosing one […]

Day of the Dead: Demonic or Divine?

Each year it arrives, a concoction of candy, costumes, and spiritual expressions that we often do not understand.   The Day of the Dead, or “Dia de los Muertos” is one of those frequently misperceived holidays, which paired with its vibrant imagery, leads many spectators to question the origins of this annual festivity. At initial […]

Women Defying the Odds: Principal, Pageant Queen, + Health Advocate

Though August is a month to celebrate the legal right American women received to vote, the intricate journey of growth continues for women in the United States. To be a woman today, is to uphold a beautiful complexity of two roles. It is to carry the nurturing elements of a female’s nature, and yet, simultaneously, […]

Rebuilding Syria: “Killing the Rock” Redefines Refugee Narrative

  Through extensive media coverage, factual or not, the refugee crisis has pulled on the heart strings of the global community for years now. The polarizing response has often been categorized into a reaction of either intense fear, or irresponsible pity. The latter has, subsequently, reduced the survivors of war torn Syria/Iraq into the paradigm […]

Reflections of a First Generation American

Immigrant Heritage Month is a fairly new celebration. But immigration in and of itself – is certainly not. Not only is it the very building blocks of our nation, it is also the fuel that continues to keep it alive.   Being a child of immigrants comes with its own set of experiences; just as […]

Unveiling the Veil: Oppression or Expression?

In pop culture, we frequently see the fashionable use of the headscarf, often glamourized through the iconic images of Sofia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. It’s timeless, classy, and tasteful. Perception. It’s everything.   The veil, a woman’s often-controversial head covering, may be naturally regarded as a sacred religious item, one that defends dignity and maintains […]

When Palm Sunday Became Bomb Sunday: How Copts Confront Persecution

Fighting radicalism with radicalism might appear counter productive to some, however, according to Coptic tradition, it is that very ideology that has preserved the faith of Egypt’s Christians since it’s establishment as one of the first ancient churches by the Apostle St. Mark.   No parent expects to celebrate a holiday picking up the pieces […]